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Defending yourself against accusations of domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Violent Crimes |

Domestic violence or assault charges can result from any number of circumstances. Sometimes, one spouse will intentionally make false allegations against the other in the hope of securing the upper hand in divorce proceedings. Other times, law enforcement may misinterpret a situation and unintentionally exacerbate things by treating what is simply an interpersonal conflict as a criminal issue.

Facing any kind of criminal charge related to domestic violence in Florida can feel like an impossible scenario, but it is not hopeless. As with any potential criminal charge, you have the right to defend yourself against allegations of domestic assault or violence. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can improve your chances of a positive outcome.

Develop a workable defense strategy against abuse claims

Defending against potential criminal charges takes more than just a desire to prove your innocence. It also requires careful strategy, often developed and implemented with the help of a criminal defense attorney. There are many potential approaches to defending yourself.

Domestic violence allegations are often difficult for prosecutors to prove. If the only evidence is your word against the word of your spouse, defending yourself is usually relatively straightforward. These situations could involve a total lack of spousal violence, or you could have merely been attempting to protect yourself against your spouse’s aggressive behavior.

That means that even in situations where there are injuries or other evidence present, it is possible to defend yourself. The best option for creating a criminal defense strategy related to domestic violence involves sitting down with an attorney and discussing the specifics of your situation. Everything from the length of your relationship to the nature of the alleged abuse will impact what strategies could work for you.

How could a domestic violence conviction affect you?

A conviction for any violent crime, including domestic violence, could result in long-term consequences for you. Domestic violence charges often result from cases of assault and battery, which can involve misdemeanor charges. However, some forms of battery could be felony offenses. That means the penalties can range from 60 days to five years in jail, possibly even more depending on the exact charges.

The criminal record itself could make it difficult for you to advance in your career or even live in the neighborhood where you would prefer to keep your home. Then there are also issues such as fines and court costs that could go with a conviction, to say nothing of the potential impact that a domestic violence conviction could have on your divorce proceedings, particularly if you and your ex do not agree about custody arrangements for your children.

The more complex your case, the more important it becomes to start working on a defense strategy as soon as possible.


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