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Protecting Your Safety And Security Through An Injunction

If another person has harmed or threatened to harm you, you may be scared and wondering what to do. You do have options, including a legal action called an injunction. This is a court order designed to protect you and stop the harm that is being caused. If you believe you need an injunction or need help, turn to our team at The Rudman Law Group.

From our office in Palm Beach County, we represent clients throughout South Florida who are facing serious and harmful situations. Our criminal defense lawyers understand the emotions you are experiencing, and they work to provide you peace of mind through our pursuit of an injunction on your behalf.

What Is An Injunction?

An injunction is a type of court order that prohibits a person from completing, committing or continuing specific harmful acts against another. Injunctions are common in domestic violence cases or cyberstalking situations, are often known as restraining orders or protective orders in other states and are designed to put legal boundaries around or prevent the interactions between the two or more people involved. Typically, when an injunction is violated, there are criminal consequences.

Types Of Injunctions

There are different types of injunctions that an individual may request, including:

  • Temporary injunctions: State courts may issue a temporary injunction to prevent parties from making contact that may potentially cause significant harm, including situations of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking (including cyberstalking) and acts of repeat violence.
  • Permanent injunctions: As implied by the title, a permanent injunction is a final court order for individuals to cease doing specific actions. Permanent injunctions go into effect following the end of a final hearing (trial).

To determine what type of injunction is needed in your situation, our firm will review your case and make a recommendation to the court. In most cases, a temporary injunction must be issued before a permanent injunction can be put in place. However, a judge will analyze the situation and determine the proper type of injunctive relief that you need. After a temporary order has expired, our firm can help you pursue a permanent order whenever appropriate to ensure your safety.

We Are Here To Help

You are not alone in your fight to protect yourself. Talk to an attorney at our firm today about your options for seeking an injunction. Call our firm at 561-367-2542 or contact us through our online form.

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