Dealing With Charges Relating To Prescription Fraud

With the rising use of opiates, many users began their abuse of the drugs by first relying on prescription painkillers and the like. For some, prescription fraud may be seen as a way to obtain more drugs when their legitimate prescription ceases. Prescription fraud charges, like most criminal charges associated with opiates, are serious and carry serious penalties, from prison time to steep fines.

The attorneys at The Rudman Law Group — advocates for those with addiction and mental illness — have provided legal counsel and related services to those in Boca Raton and across Florida for years. While we provide strong, aggressive legal representation, we also have a deeper commitment to our clients. We try to provide resources to help our clients overcome the issue at the root of their legal problems — addiction.

What Prescription Drug Fraud Looks Like

Prescription drug fraud can come in several forms, and can result from:

  • Forging prescriptions
  • Altering prescriptions
  • Obtaining prescriptions from multiple physicians (sometimes referred to as "doctor shopping")
  • Refilling a prescription on behalf of another
  • Stealing prescription pads

While the Florida prescription drug monitoring program E-FORCSE (Electronic-Florida Online Reporting of Controlled Substance Evaluation Program) has reduced the instances of prescription fraud, it's still a very serious issue.

The current rise of fentanyl, which is still available with a prescription though it is widely circulated on the black market, has resulted in many individuals seeking to obtain it via fraudulent means. Even doctors have gotten caught up in police operations.

We'll not only provide a plan for fighting the charges, but also we'll work with you and the courts to seek alternative sentencing if appropriate. Most importantly, we'll work to help clients combat addiction issues, in order to prevent recidivism and return people on a path to a healthy, complete life.

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